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Why Kanban?

If you've ever seen sticky notes up on a wall or whiteboard divided into columns titled “do, doing, done,” you've seen a basic Kanban Board.

It's a simple way to visualize project work with cards and columns, so you can easily track progress, spot bottlenecks, and optimize workflows as they go.

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    Quickly plan and implement workflows

    Create, prioritize, and assign tasks without leaving the Board.

  • Easily optimize processes icon

    Easily optimize processes

    Drag and drop to reorganize cards to streamline your workflow.

  • Accelerate task completion rates icon

    Accelerate task completion rates

    Encourage teams to refine workload distribution to resolve tasks quicker.

Boards with Backlog

Customize your Boards
Boards in Backlog are organized by issue status, so you can customize any Board using custom statuses.
Filter Boards to see what matters
Filter your Board by issue type, category, milestone, or assignee.
Add & update tasks quickly
Add new issues, or drag and drop issues to quickly update its status.
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  • Filter Boards to see what matters image
  • Add & update tasks quickly image

    Visualize any workflow

    Each project has its own Kanban Board, so it's easy to view your team's tasks as they move through each stage of your workflow.

    Watch dev tasks moving through each development stage to release, marketing initiatives moving from strategy to planning to review, design assets moving through the creating process, and more.

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    What do our customers say?

    We selected after evaluating many other tools (like Jira, Pivotal tracker etc.) and became the clear winner. Why? Because this tool combines together the best features of all other tools while still being neat and straightforward.

    Ivan Borek Managing Consultant

    Track projects and manage code visually, all in one place

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