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Master working from anywhere

A growing number of people have been working remotely in the past decade as technology continues to improve. New and emerging options make working from anywhere easy—and for a lot of people, there's no going back.

The Backlog project management tool bridges the communication gap of working remotely and makes tracking projects simple.

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    Backlog is your intuitive project manager

    Your team will quickly adjust to Backlog and navigate like a pro without too much instruction.

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    From start to finish

    With Backlog, your team can work together to create projects and easily track deadlines together, overcoming the distance of a remote office.

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    Available anywhere

    Backlog is available as a variety of software application types: on your desktop, mobile device, or cloud‑based, so you can continue your work, no matter where you are.

Manage the day

Create tasks
Each team member can create and assign tasks and subtasks as well as setting or changing a project deadline.
Track schedules
Stay on top of your schedule and easily see what your team is working on today, next week, or what they got done last week.
Deadlines at a glance
Every due date is editable and available at a glance with project trackers, Kanban‑style Boards, and Gantt charts.
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    Take advantage of multifunctionality

    Backlog not only connects you to your schedule but to your teammates too.

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    Leave comments

    On top of managing projects and deadlines, you can also comment within tasks and subtasks to ask questions or request updates directly of others involved in the project.

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    Seeing stars

    Backlog includes an option to give your teammate a star on a comment or change of project status as a simple way to let them know you appreciate them for a job well done.

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    Trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide

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    What do our customers say?

    We selected after evaluating many other tools (like Jira, Pivotal tracker etc.) and became the clear winner. Why? Because this tool combines together the best features of all other tools while still being neat and straightforward.

    Ivan Borek Managing Consultant

    Track projects and manage code visually, all in one place

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