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Meet the Gantt chart

There are a lot of different options to best manage your projects and deadlines. Backlog offers a Gantt chart viewing option to easily view every project without having to dig through notifications and tasks.

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    What is a Gantt chart?

    A Gantt chart is your calendar laid out horizontally, instead of week by week, with colorful bars extending across the start and end points of your active projects.

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    Your calendar made better

    A Gantt chart adds color and extra visualization to your project's schedule and deadlines to more easily keep track of a calendar at a glance.

  • Why Backlog

    Why Backlog's Gantt charts?

    Backlog's Gantt charts are easy to edit and make your lists of project due dates easy to see and follow.

Enhanced teamwork on every project

Gantt charts help you stay ahead
Quickly review an overview of issues: see upcoming deadlines, prioritize issues by urgency, spot tasks that may require more time or teamwork.
View Gantt charts for any project in Backlog
See the assignee, any milestones, and important deadlines that are coming up to stay on top of every project.
Stay on top of your personal work to‑dos
Every Backlog user has their own Gantt chart, so you can view and manage your workload at a glance and check in on others' progress.
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  • View Gantt charts for any project in Backlog image
  • Stay on top of your personal work to‑dos image

    Stay up‑to‑date without being a manager

    You don't have to be a project manager to understand or update Backlog's Gantt chart software.

    Shortcuts that make work efficient and easy

    Create and update your charts by dragging and dropping the timeline bar to change the start and due dates quickly. Update tasks in bulk such as due date and status, or give unassigned tasks an owner.

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    Track your teammates

    Check in with your teammates' schedules to see who's free or too overloaded and might need some help.

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    We selected after evaluating many other tools (like Jira, Pivotal tracker etc.) and became the clear winner. Why? Because this tool combines together the best features of all other tools while still being neat and straightforward.

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