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Always meet your clients where they’re at

Make sure that you’re exceeding expectations every step of the way by keeping your client fully up-to-date with Backlog’s project management system.

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    Add as a member/guest

    Keep your client as informed as any other team member by adding them as a member or a guest.

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    Maintaining confidentiality

    Each client can only view projects they’re looped in on — that means never jeopardizing anyone’s privacy.

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    Limiting to view only

    More hands-off clients might appreciate the ability to see progress without the stress of getting involved.

Any way they want to look at it

Kanban-style Boards
Clients can view your activity Boards, follow projects, and make comments.
Gantt charts
Gantt charts’ simple style gives clients a quick overview of all project deadlines without needing a meeting.
Provide in-depth project details they can access on their own time by allowing your client access to wikis.
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    Easy task submission

    Besides opening all your own tasks or allowing your client to, they can even submit an email and have it automatically generate a Backlog ticket — how simple is that?

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    Track requests

    Easily watch each task and subtask move from ‘open’ to ‘in progress’ to ‘resolved’ and feel the excitement each time you get to hit 'closed.'

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    Never miss a deadline

    View all of your client work in one place to make sure everyone is staying on track.

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    Trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide

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    What do our customers say?

    We selected after evaluating many other tools (like Jira, Pivotal tracker etc.) and became the clear winner. Why? Because this tool combines together the best features of all other tools while still being neat and straightforward.

    Ivan Borek Managing Consultant

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