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The Backlog Affiliate Program is for like-minded businesses to connect, work together, and forge mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships.

How it works

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    All you need is your name and email to become a member of the Backlog Affiliate Program.

  2. Get your affiliate link

    Create a unique affiliate link on the dashboard, so we can track your referrals.

  3. Share your link

    Share your affiliate link to get it in front of as many people as possible. The more people who subscribe to a paid plan, the more you earn!

  4. Earn $$

    We'll pay you money depending on which paid plan your users subscribe to. Bigger plan = bigger payout.

    What you'll earn by plan type

    Starter plan $40
    Standard plan $100
    Premium plan $150

Why Backlog?

Trusted by 800K+ users
We have 1,000,000 users and 10,000 companies trusting Backlog for their project management and bug tracking needs.
Great graphics
We provide our affiliate partners with beautiful graphics to maximize engagement and click-through rate when they promote Backlog.
Unlimited earnings
We don't cap how much you can earn. You'll get paid for each and every user who subscribes to a paid plan.
Free to join
Signing up takes seconds and is completely FREE. You'll receive your unique affiliate referral link right away.


How do I get compensated if someone signs up for a free trial of a plan?
When someone you refer signs up for a plan, they have 30 days free before their plan is charged. In your affiliate dashboard, the conversion will be shown as "$0" if they are still in their free trial period. Once the customer is out of their free trial period (and is paying for their account) the conversion record will change to the amount paid for the plan and the commission will be updated according to the commission structure.
When will I get paid? When are your payout dates?

Due to the 30-day trial on all plans, we want to make sure referrals coming from affiliates are given the full free trial period prior to us verifying and approving/declining commissions. Therefore, our payout date is the 1st of each month, for all referred customers/conversion taking place two months prior.

For example, if I refer someone on June 15, their free trial would be up on July 15. If they upgraded between July 15 and July 31, we would review (and if approved) pay the commission on August 1st for that customer.

What about a commision on the free plan?
Since it is a free plan, we do not offer a commission on these accounts. However, if a customer you refer upgrades to a paid plan, you will be compensated for that plan's commission.
What payment options do you have?
At the moment, PayPal.

Have questions?

For questions about the program or general support, please contact us: