Manage projects better

Replace spreadsheets and email chains with Backlog—project management software that lets you organize, discuss, and track work all in one place.

  • Keep projects organized

    Backlog has everything you need to run projects—all in one place. Create tasks, make changes, give feedback, and have team conversations right next to your code.

  • See the big picture

    Visualize and prioritize work using Kanban-style boards and Gantt charts. See which tasks have been completed, are currently in progress, or need to be adjusted across your entire project.

  • Track overall progress

    See what's going on with your project in a glance. Get a quick overview of progress before drilling down to see which tasks are falling behind or overdue.

  • Improve communication

    Plan and track work across multiple teams easier. Backlog brings everyone together on one platform to discuss tasks, submit work requests, and manage multiple projects.

  • Get everyone involved

    Backlog lets you collaborate with everyone working on a project, from teammates to clients. Grant project members access to your workspace with role-based access control.

  • Stay updated from anywhere

    Create, comment, and update tasks on the go. Backlog's iOS and Android native apps are free and automatically sync with your online workspace.

Integrate the tools you need

Customize Backlog to fit your needs by using one of our integrations or building your own.

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